Zinc Replacement

Zinc Replacement – Corrosion Control

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metal are in contact with each other in salt water. One of the metals will corrode faster than the other and can cause expensive damage. Sacrificial anodes are used to prevent this corrosion. In most cases zinc is used because it is relatively inexpensive. However aluminum is more effective in outdrives. Replacing zinc or aluminum anodes is a very important part of underwater maintenance. All of S an K Dive Service divers are train in corrosion recognition and problem solving. All of our zincs are 100% Mil-Spec quality. Galvanic isolators, isolation transformer, or zinc savers are always recommended for boats that are plugged into shore power. They can prevent unnecessary zinc expensive by isolating your boat from the dock. Often they will pay for themselves in several months.